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About Dalmatian HQ

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A warm welcome to Dalmatian HQ; an information hub for lovers of Dalmatians.  We know Dalmatians hold a special place in the hearts of thousands of us worldwide, so we decided to share our experience with you.

Our Aimdalmatianhq.com About us

is to be the hub for Dalmatian related matters, which will also be interesting for owners of any breed or cross breed of dog.  Such as the appeal of our four legged friends, it is estimated there are about 225 million living with us, worldwide!

We’ve (Graham & Cheryl) owned Dalmatians for most of our lives and have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience over the years.

We noticed there wasn’t anything online which brings together all the information required.

Here, we’ll share our knowledge and experience of all things Dalmatian, which will also appeal to owners of other dog breeds.  Training tips, insights, stories, facts, interesting information, recommended products and gifts both for your Dalmatian, anyone you know who owns a Dalmatian and lovers of Dalmatians.

The Beauty Of The Breed

We’ve fallen hook, line and sinker in love with all our Dalmatians; FIVE and still counting!  We’ve had other breeds and cross breeds in the past, but somehow, Dalmatians kept finding us!

Sleek, loyal, intelligent, funny, sometimes goofy, occasionally challenging, but Dalmatians are always a joy to be around.

Our two Spots love nothing more than romping around outdoors, followed by a good snuggle on the sofa.  Like other dog owners, our Spots have taught us so much about life and love over the years, we thought it was time to give something back.

Sharing Is Caring

We’ll be sharing stories, information and products relevant to the dogs we all adore.  In short, an online SPOT!


Graham & Cheryl Hall,  Oh, Lottie and Ruby Hall too!

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