Why do Dogs Lick You

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  If, like me you have wondered why do dogs lick you, then this brief article will answer your question, along with other dog relating licking matters! A lick of love? Licking is instinctive to dogs. They would have been … Continued

Are Dalmatians Good With Cats

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If you already have a Dalmatian and are thinking of getting a cat, or perhaps you already have a cat and would like to get a Dalmatian, then your decision-making process is very likely to include the following question: Are … Continued

Can Dogs Eat Bananas

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Can dogs eat bananas is one of the first questions to ask when we are looking to give our dogs any of the food we eat, particularly fruit or vegetables or anything which is not meat derived. Dogs, like children … Continued

Are Dalmatians Deaf

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Are Dalmatians Deaf. If you’re thinking of getting a Dalmatian or already have one, then you probably want to know if they can suffer from deafness. The answer is yes, they can be either fully deaf or deaf in part. … Continued

Clicker Training and Dogs

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Clicker Training and Dogs.  This is not a new concept.  It has been around since about 1992 and is widely used around the world to great effect.  We’re going to be looking at all things ‘clicker’ in this article including … Continued

Why do Dogs Eat Paper

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You could easily be asking yourself, ‘Why do Dogs eat Paper?’  especially if you witness your dog running riot with the loo roll or taking paper and cardboard from the recycle bin. Dogs can eat paper for many reasons; to … Continued

Do Dalmatians Shed

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A consideration when deciding whether to live with a Dalmatian, or rather when a Dalmatian decides they are going to live with you is Do Dalmatians Shed.  The simple answer is YES!  This article is a look at Dalmatian shedding … Continued